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That is a terrible title. Maybe it should be Hobbit: An Unexpected Pokémon Journey. But that is really annoing to say.

Anyway, as usual when I'm getting into a new fandom I started assigning pokémon teams to all the characters and forced my poor twitter feed to guess them all. They were apparently very hard to guess, but that's because my reasoning behind all the teams might not have been obvious just by looking at them...

Okay, first of: a lot of the time I just looked at the List of pokémon by colour-entry at Bulbapedia and chose pokémon according to each dwarves specific colour. But sometimes I went a little deeper.

My thought was that in the dwarven community you'd get your first pokémon from your parents, so siblings tend to end up with the same starter. Not always, but often enough. I also had this idea that in Erebor, once you started your weapon training and shit, you got an eevee as sort of a second starter.

Here's Dwalin's team. Steelix is supposed to be his war hammer and Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee are Grasper and Keeper. Ponyta is Harley, his pony. This one is maybe just obvious if you're Trams, because she is the one that made Harley into a magical immortal supersmart pony. But whatever, it was important.

The F-shaped Unown came from Farin, his granddad. Sort of. Since Farin is like the only dwarf who didn't give his sons rhyming names (instead he named them Fundin and Gróin) Trams and I have agreed that he was... weird. So, I'm thinking Farin had a team of unowns, spelling out his own name, and passed down F-shaped Unowns to his sons. So, naturally, Fundin gave Dwalin an F-shaped Unown, but once he died Dwalin decided to release Unown because he didn't like to think about it.

At some point when he lived in Erebor he managed to catch an Axew which he raised into a Haxorus. Dwalin considers this to be his actual starter. Then he evolved Eevee into Leafeon because it's green, which is Dwalin's colour.

This is Balin. He did not release his Unown. Actually, they're kind of impossible to get rid of, and no one is really sure how Dwalin did it. Balin evolved his Eevee into Flareon, because his colour is red. Since he is smart, I gave him psychic pokémon: Alakazam because it's extremely intelligent, and Lunatone and Sunrock because they are rock/psychic... I have used a lot of rock type pokéon for the dwarves. Carracosta is rock/water and also a tortoise and since tortoises can get really old and Balin is old... well I thought it made sense.

I'm not happy with this one. It's obviously a grandson of Farin, because there's an F Unown, but the rest makes no sense. Anyway, it's Glóin. Ursaring because... well then he can give Teddiursa to Gimli and that's just adorable. Camerupt is fire/ground (ground also works for dwarves) and Glóin are good at making fires. I don't know why Crustle is there.

When a dwarf gets a child, it's very wise to get yourself a pokémon that knows sing so that you can shut the kid up whenever necessary. Glóin went for Kricketune for some reason. And I think Sudowoodu is there because it can make the baby pokémon Bonsly, but I honestly forgot how I thought there. Oh, and Glóin's colours are brown and red, so I went with that a lot too.

I changed Óin's team a lot actually. His colours are brown and grey, so that explains Donphan and Rhyhorn.. plus they just remind me of Óin. Same with Noctowl, there's just something about them. Magcargo is ground/fire, and Scorupi... well, it's poison, and Óin is kind of the healer of the group so I thought that was logical. I remember afterwards that Óin is supposed to look a bit like a boar with his beard, so Mamoswine should've been there as well, but I was too lazy to go back and change it. I'm not happy with either Óin or Glóin to be honest.

I had soo much fun with these! Okay, this is Dori. His colour is purple, so that explains Arbok. His first pokémon was a magikarp, yes, but it's turned into a badass Gyarados so you don't fuck with Nori. However, as stated in the Visual Companion, he is a bit hypochondric so he needed a Chansey to look after him. Slowking... I saw it and I thought Dori. There's nothing deeper than that, but I dare you to argue with it!

Starmie is purple. And... well. You'll see. Nidoking is also purple and it is the last evolution of Nidoran male. You see where I'm going with this?

Nori did not want a fucking magikarp. No way. So he got Riolu from his dad instead of Magikarp from there mom (because, you know, I like to think that his dad's name was Ri and it's funny) which he of course evolved into Lucario after a while. Staryu... I had to give it to him, but I'm imagining it was a gift from Dori after he caught and bred his Starmie. Mightyena and and Kecleon can learn the move Thief, so those made sense. And Nidorino is the middle child, so he got one of those (I don't what Nori's colour is, but I think it might be purple as well). Meowth's signature move is pay day, and I'm imagining Nori needs that a lot.

I'm gonna work with Trams' fic canon where Ori doesn't have the same dad as Dori and Nori which is why he's got a different starter as well, a Smeargle. Smeargle is of course the perfect pokémon for our little writer! Then Dori gave him a Magikarp after being bugged about it for ages, because a Magikarp isn't very dangerous and then Ori can't accidentally hurt himself.

But of course Nori gave him a Riolu when he accidetally ended up with an egg. Dori did not not approve. With the help of Riolu Ori could at least catch Rattata, so that's something! And then there's Nidoran because he hasn't evolved it yet. Tyrogue... okay, in the movie Nori apparently grabs Dwalin's battle axe and hands it to Ori when they're fleeing from the goblins: I changed it, so in this version Dwalin ends up with a Tyrogue egg because Grasper and Keeper got out of control. However Nori stole the egg and gave it to Ori, and it hatched before anyone figured out what had happened. Dwalin was kinda pissed, because he wanted to a Hitmontop as well, but it's not like he really could part with anyone in his team so it was all for the best. Also, Tyrogue is purple, which is Ori's colour!

The Nidorans, of course, came from the mother of the Ri brothers (as... I don't know, some sort of good luck, make up and stop being such whiners-gift).

Bifur!!! His colour is yellow, but I also gave him black and white because that's his beard's colour. Anyway I just like sandslash, so it seemed a good starter for him since we know shit about his family. Aggron is... well, it's black and white and got stuff coming out of its head, which kinda mimics the axe in Bifur's head, don't it? And he needed pokémon that are good at digging because he's a miner.

Now we're getting to the sad part. Okay, so in my headcanon Bifur had a wife and at least one kid before he got axed. Because I love to torture myself or something. Anyway, Absol... sort of shows up? It's a pokémon that predicts disasters, and it's also got something in its head and is black and white... and its one of my favorites, so yeah... it shows up and follows Bifur around and he's like WTF dude leave me alone. But it doesn't. And then orcs attacks and Bifur's wife and kid is killed and he gets an axe stuck in his head. :( So Absol was trying to warn him, but it didn't work. But it decides to stay with him anyway.

Shuppet... is apparently a pokémon that shows up near peoples houses when they are feeling vengeful, so naturally a Shuppet is drawn to BIfur because he wants revenge on the orc that killed his family. Pichu belonged to his kid (:(((((() so Bifur adopted it (I guess technically it should be before Shuppet then). Oh, and Psyduck is a pokémon with a permanent headache that can release extremely powerful attacks on occassion, so I figure one of those would be drawn to BIfur as well. He didn't have to catch most of his team, they kinda just showed up.

I really love Bifur in case you didn't know. X)

Bofur. Boldore because... well both Bombur and Bofur starts with Bo so that's really all there is to it. I'm so creative, guys! Also, they're miners, so that's why he's got Dugtrio and Sandshrew too (Sandshrew ties him to Bifur).

The other three... Wobbuffet just looks funny and Bofur is all about having a good time: same goes for Spinda. Jigglypuff likes to sing and Bofur likes to sing and plays the flute, so they were a natural match.

Bombur evolved his Boldore. I gave him all the heaviest pokémon, because Bombur can handled them. And he needs Rhyperior, Dugtrio and Gigalith when working in the mines. Snorlax is obviously his favourite.

Clefable knows sing, so he got that one to help care for his fourteen kids. Also, in my head, Bombur's wife also has a Snorlax, and they've bred like an army of Munchlaxs and given one to each of their kids. Because it's one of the cutest baby pokémon. True story.

This is Radagast btw. Those are Rhosgobel rabbits!

Gandalf! There's a (Veno)moth to call for help from eagles... or Pidgeots at least! Honchkrow because he is also known as Stormcrow. Rapidash is Shadowfaxe. Entei because he is the server of the secret fire. And Mincinno because there are just a million of those in The Shire and Gandalf likes them just as much as he likes Hobbit.

Our favourite Racist Elf Party Dad Thranduil has this. Mostly as a reference if I ever decided to give teams to the fellowship...

Smaug! :O

Thorin Pinecoshield
And who is this then... well, if it isn't Thorin Pinecoshield - king under the mountain! But oh, I'm forgetting, you don't have a mountain, do you? Which makes you... no one.

Um, sorry about that. Okay, obviously the line of Durin has some badass legendaries, and well... because Smaug is fire and Thorin's colour is blue he got a lot of blue and water types. So he's got Cobalion, the leader of the Musketeer trio, because that trio has always been with the line of Durin. He evolved his eevee into Vaporeon because... it's fire and therefore good against Smaug. Pineco is supposed to be his oakenshield. It makes no sense but it's funny.

He got Blastoise later on because it's really the antagonist of Charizard. Braviary is majestic, and so is Arcanine. :D

Dís! She's got Terrakion, because as I said line of Durin. Frerin used to have Virizion, but when he died it fucked off and hasn't been seen since. Her Eevee evolved into Glaceon because it is the counterpart of Leafeon and fuck you Dís/Dwalin is my OTP. Plusle however is the counterpart to her husband, who has Minun. And she got Wigglytuff to help care for her kids. But then her husband died and she got to care for his Marowak. :( Not Minun though, I don't know what happened to it. Then of course her brother and sons went off and died at Battle of Five Armies and it was really fucking sad and devastating but then somehow she got a Tyrogue that evolved into Hitmontop which of course just proves that she eventually remarried Dwalin and they had ten kids on their own. I DON'T CARE IF THIS ISN'T CANON.

Technically Fíli should have Keldeo, since he is next in line to the throne of Erebor after Thorin, but... somehow that didn't seem right because he and Kíli have basically the same team and it would probably be very weird for him to have a legendary pokémon while Kíli didn't have one. So let's pretend Keldeo never showed up and say it's foreshading to Fíli never becoming king. :(

So, Plusle came from Dís (Fíli got his looks from his dad, the blonde hair and all, so he gots his first pokémon from his mom) and Growlithe obviously came from Thorin. Cubone is from his dad's old Marowak, Wartortle is protection from Smaug, and he and Kíli caught Pichu and Azurill together. After bugging Dís about it FOREVER she finally agreed to breed the brothers an eevee each, since they were going to reclaim Erebor and everything. They have not yet have time to evolve them.

Kílis team is similar to Fílis, but there's more blue in it because... well that's his colour. He's got Rufflet BECAUSE HE IS WANNA BE MAJESTIC. And well the rest I explained when I explained Fíli so there's no point in repeating myself, is there?

Tbh I could've done a better job with these two. I wanted them to have a good and badass team, but it couldn't be too good because they're young and inexperienced.

I kept forgetting about the actual Hobbit... ooops. Anyway, Mincinno because as I said there are a shitton of those in The Shire. He didn't much of a team when Gandalf came along. Mincinno, obviously, and Vileplume, because all hobbits have a grass pokémon that can provide them with Longbottom leaves. Or something. Pidgey... he caught on the way, same goes for Pikachu. Also he's our protagonist, naturally he must have a PIkachu. :P Victini is the lucky pokémon and makes sure you always wins, and if there's one thing Bilbo is it's extremely lucky! And then of course a tiny electical spider because Bilbo beat a bunch of spiders so he must've caught at least one of them.

All Bilbo's pokémon are relatively small too, because hobbits don't like pokémon that are taller than themselves...

Okay, that's it I think! I have as usual spent too much time thinking about all this, but... sorry I'm not sorry.
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