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This isn't Ellociraptor

but I hear that chick is awesome

27 February 1989
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I'm awesome. That's all you need to know. JK. Not about being;)
awesome, that I am, but of course there's more to know. I am
a huge nerd, which sadly applies to all parts of my life since
I started studying Biology-Earth sciences. When I grow up, I'm
gonna save the world.
I like to watch movies (good ones, as well as bad ones), read
books (mostly good ones), watch TV-shows (good and bad),
and write (mostly bad stuff).
Is about the stuff I watch, read and write. I'm kinda new to
doing this properly, so we'll see how it goes. I will post
thoughts about shows and books, movie rewievs, and at times
I will just squee over actors or other not so deep stuff.
I'm not a very serious person so don't expect me to come up
with deep analyses or anything like that, I just like to
talk about shit I watch and read, without any claims of
having clever insight and stuff like that.
giraffes, buying DVDs, working out, making out in the rain,
winning at video games, okapis, Ben & Jerry's ice cream,
listening to Kansas, awesome people, watching lame movies/
shows when I have to study and/or do important stuff, coffee,
lasagna, reading bad fanfiction and laugh at it, watching
epicly bad b-action movies with one of my friends, tell people
I want to have sex with Arnold Schwarzenegger and see how
they react, reading in the sun, being single, and so on.
people eating my muffins, jelly fishes, losing at video games,
when someone hasn't heard of Kansas, people that only watches;)
"good" movies, baby talk, couples, lame jokes, Twilight,
people that photographs everything, when we're out of orange
juice and I wanna have breakfast, brushing my teeth, tea,
sugarfree candy, slow computers, rain when I have to go out,
going out on a Friday night, people with no sense of humor,
being told what to do, alcohol, and on I go...